Sonography Programs in Texas

How to Become a Sonography Technician in Texas and Texas Sonography Programs

Sonography programs in Texas offer a wealth of experiences for students who want to work in an interesting field. There are many areas that a sonographer can specialize in. Many work for obstetricians, and help with ultrasounds that can track normal fetal development and detect problems early. Cardiovascular sonography is also growing in importance, and cardiology practices frequently hire their own technicians for patient convenience. Those with diagnostic sonography experience are in high demand at busy Texas hospitals. Once you have completed a program, you will find many good employment opportunities.

There are many places where those who want to become sonography technicians in Texas can train. Many career colleges, with locations in San Antonio, Dallas and other areas offer training in sonography. Many colleges that have an allied health services department also offer training. Two-year degrees are adequate for many sonography positions. However, many students do prefer degrees at a 4-year level for greater opportunities. Once hired, sonography technicians can also easily advance to other jobs. This includes more advanced imaging procedures, as well as advancing to supervisory positions. Graduates who are interested in advancing will find that this sort of position offers good opportunities.

All students will learn basic health care skills that are common to medical concentrations. Anatomy and physiology are also covered, being essential to taking care of patients. Basic overviews of all the different types of sonography are included, giving patients a thorough introduction to the different tasks that they may face. Clinical training is also provided, allowing students to learn in busy hospital settings. Both the classroom and clinical training are designed to help give students the background they need to become certified and be able to find suitable work.

Sonography technicians can enjoy working in a hospital setting, or in a practice. Both of these options have their own advantages that suit different students' preferences. The right hospitals and clinics can offer graduates a good income. Most sonography technicians can realistically expect starting salaries of around $40,000 and above. Larger hospitals in metro areas generally offer some of the best wages, as well as good benefits packages. Dallas, Houston and El Paso offer many jobs, and positions are almost always available in these areas. Better salaries can also be found in medical practices that specialize in a certain type of sonography. You can be well assured of having good options available at any time.

On-Campus & Online Sonography Schools

7 Sonography Schools in Texas

Lamar University

Hill College

El Paso Community College

Harris County Hospital District/Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital

St. Philips College

Tyler Junior College

Weatherford College