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Sonography Programs in South Carolina

How to Become a Sonographer in South Carolina and Sonography Programs in South Carolina

If you've ever had a sonogram, or ultrasound, performed, you've been in the hands of a diagnostic medical sonographer. Sonography is an important diagnostic tool for many different conditions. Sonography uses harmless sound waves to take images of the inside of the body. One of the best-known forms of sonography is the obstetric ultrasound that's done for women during pregnancy. Sonography can be used on many different parts of the body including the abdomen and breast. Some diagnostic medical sonographers will specialize in a certain area of the body to provide diagnostic images for that specific area. Others work with a variety of sonograms.

If you're interested in learning about how to become a sonographer in South Carolina and sonography programs in South Carolina, you'll find there are lots of options for you to explore. At Greenville Technical College, you can pursue an associate of applied science degree in diagnostic medical sonography. This program takes seven semesters to complete. The University of South Carolina School of Medicine has an Ultrasound Institute dedicated to ultrasound technology. Here, students can pursue a four-year program in clinical ultrasound. This school also participates in many research programs. You may be interested in participating in courses here even after graduation.

Midlands Technical College offers a general sonography program that can be completed in just four semesters. With two summer semesters, you can finish this program in just over a year. A short certificate program in diagnostic medical sonography is offered by the Horry Georgetown Technical College. This program takes just 39 semester hours to complete. There are several prerequisites that are required for this program including anatomy and physiology, college algebra, English composition, probability and statistics, medical terminology, and introduction to computers. High school students who are eligible to take some college level courses early are perfect for this program.

Diagnostic medical sonography is a great field to pursue if you're good with math and science, and enjoy staying on the cutting edge of technology. Organization and attention to detail are extremely important in this field. You should also be prepared for lots of hands-on interactions with patients. This health care career can be a lucrative choice on its own, or provide a foundation for students to later pursue nursing or another related career choice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, diagnostic medical sonographers in South Carolina make a mean annual salary of $57,530. This is equal to about $27.66 an hour.

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