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How to Become a Sonographer in Maine and Sonography Programs in Maine

One of the most recognized uses of sonography in today's world is the ultrasound pictures taken of babies in the uterus. Sonography has many uses in modern medicine. It is an imaging technique which uses sound waves to image objects or structures beneath the skin. Doctors order sonograms made of tendons, muscles, joints, vessels, and other internal structures. With the data taken, the doctor can identify injuries, masses, and other abnormalities without doing exploratory surgery. It is useful for diagnoses, but also for therapeutic purposes. Unlike X-rays, sonography is useful for imaging soft structures in the body with some level of detail. You need to know more on how to become a sonographer in Maine.

The state of Maine does not require certification for sonographers. However, most employers in the state will not hire a sonographer without the proper training and certification. Anyone who wants to enter this profession should complete an accredited program and then take the national certification exam. With that in hand, the chances of gaining employment are greatly enhanced. The national exam for sonography is through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Candidates for the exam must successfully complete an accredited training program for sonography. In the state of Maine, one school offers this training. You need to know more about how to become a sonographer in Maine.

Kennebec Valley Community College is the only school in Maine accredited to provide sonography training. The training program runs for 16 months. Students combine classroom learning with clinical work during their education. Students take classes in diagnostic medical sonography, obstetrical ultrasound, abdominal sonography, pelvis analysis, and extra cranial sonography. Students work in a clinical setting during each of the four semesters. They work in clinical rotations that can run morning, afternoon, or evening. By the time they complete their education, students are ready to take the certification exam.

The need for sonography professionals remains steady in the state of Maine. Many find work in obstetrical sonography. However, work is available in doctors' offices, hospitals, clinics, and public health facilities as well. Some sonography professionals specialize in certain areas like the abdomen, echocardiography, vascular technology, and neurosonology. Most sonography professionals keep up their education by learning other technologies or advances in the use of sonography. For those interested in sonography as a profession, the accredited one of sonography programs in Maine is the place to start. Getting information is the first step to this exciting career path.

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