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Becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Jasper, Texas

Are you considering a rewarding career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in Jasper, Texas? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about becoming an LVN, from understanding what an LVN does to finding the right training programs and employment opportunities in Jasper.

Why Become an LVN in Jasper?

Jasper, Texas, known as the “Jewel of the Forest,” is a charming town nestled in the East Texas Piney Woods. With its close-knit community and beautiful natural surroundings, Jasper offers a great environment for launching your healthcare career. The average salary for LVNs in Texas is around $48,500 per year, and the demand for LVNs is projected to grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Prerequisites for LVN Programs

Before enrolling in an LVN program, you’ll need to meet several prerequisites:
High School Diploma or GED: You must have completed high school or obtained a GED.
Minimum Age: Most programs require you to be at least 18 years old.
Entrance Exams: Some programs may require you to pass an entrance exam, such as the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills).
Background Check: A clean criminal background check is often required.

Typical Program Curriculum

LVN programs combine classroom instruction with clinical training to prepare you for the workforce. You can expect to study subjects such as:
Anatomy and Physiology
Nursing Fundamentals
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Pediatric Nursing
Clinical Practicum: Hands-on experience in healthcare settings.

LVN Training Programs in Jasper, Texas

Here are three local schools offering LVN programs near Jasper, Texas:

  1. Angelina College
    • Address: 3500 S First St, Lufkin, TX 75901
    • Program Description: Angelina College offers a comprehensive LVN program that includes coursework in nursing fundamentals and extensive clinical practice.
    • Program Cost: Approximately $8,000 for the entire program.
    • Website: Angelina College LVN Program
  2. Lamar State College-Orange
    • Address: 410 Front St, Orange, TX 77630
    • Program Description: This program provides hands-on clinical training in various healthcare settings to prepare students for the NCLEX-PN exam.
    • Program Cost: Around $7,500.
    • Website: Lamar State College-Orange LVN Program
  3. Panola College
    • Address: 1109 W Panola St, Carthage, TX 75633
    • Program Description: Panola College’s LVN program focuses on practical nursing skills and patient care techniques.
    • Program Cost: Approximately $9,000.
    • Website: Panola College LVN Program

LVN Employment Opportunities in Jasper

Jasper has several healthcare facilities where LVNs can find employment opportunities. Here are a few major employers:

  1. Jasper Memorial Hospital
    • Address: 1275 Marvin Hancock Dr, Jasper, TX 75951
    • Description: Jasper Memorial Hospital is a full-service hospital offering a wide range of medical services. They frequently have job openings for LVNs.
    • Website: Jasper Memorial Hospital Careers
  2. Rayburn Health and Rehabilitation
    • Address: 144 Bulldog Ave, Jasper, TX 75951
    • Description: This facility provides long-term care and rehabilitation services, creating numerous opportunities for LVNs.
    • Website: Rayburn Health and Rehabilitation Careers
  3. Harbor Hospice of Jasper
    • Address: 205 E Water St, Jasper, TX 75951
    • Description: Specializing in hospice care, Harbor Hospice offers compassionate end-of-life care services.
    • Website: Harbor Hospice Careers

LVN Certification Requirements

To become an LVN in Texas, you must:
Complete an Approved LVN Program: Graduate from a state-approved LVN program.
Pass the NCLEX-PN: Successfully pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses.
Apply for Licensure: Submit an application to the Texas Board of Nursing and pay the required fees.

For more information, visit the Texas Board of Nursing.

Cost and Financial Aid

The cost of LVN programs in Jasper, Texas, can range from $7,000 to $10,000. Financial aid options include:
Federal Student Aid: Apply for grants and loans through the FAFSA.
Scholarships: Many schools offer scholarships based on merit or financial need.
Work-Study Programs: Some institutions provide work-study opportunities to help cover tuition costs.

Licensure Reciprocity

If you’re an LVN moving to Texas from another state, Texas offers licensure by endorsement. You must:
Hold a Current License: Have an active LVN license in another state.
Submit an Application: Apply for licensure by endorsement through the Texas Board of Nursing.
Complete Additional Requirements: You may need to meet additional requirements, such as continuing education or background checks.

Get Started Today

Now that you have a clear roadmap, it’s time to take the first step toward becoming an LVN in Jasper, Texas. Reach out to a local school, gather more information, and start your journey toward a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Which Jasper schools offer LVN programs?

Jasper LVN Programs (campus-based programs as well as online LVN programs) are medical training programs. LVN programs are typically offered at vocational schools, technical schools, state colleges, nursing universities, online LVN programs, and other higher education institutions.

The best LVN school for you is the one that prepares you for success as a nurse. Many two year colleges that offer associate degrees also offer LVN programs. Exact class size and clinical requirements will vary by each college offering the program.

How do I become an LVN in Texas?

You must complete a practical nursing program and pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX-PN) exam to be certified and receive your required LVN licensure.

How long will my LVN Course be?

Most LVN programs take 1 year to one and a half years complete. That's a 12 month to 18 month training program. Some nursing schools offer LVN programs which will qualify you for certification after only 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 months of class.

Do I need to complete an LVN program before I go to college to get an RN Degree?

No. Completing LVN training is not necessary before you can get your RN license. An accredited RN degree can be completed in as little as two years.

What are typical LVN Pre-Reqs?

As all schools have different academic requirements to get accepted into their LVN program, Texas LVN schools are no exception. You can expect an entrance exam or at least a prerequisite check when you submit your application to determine your eligibility. There may be additional academic requirements also.

At the very least, most schools require applicants to have a High school diploma / GED. You also must get accepted to the college that you are applying to.

Financial aid, including nursing scholarships or federal grant money, may be available to you as a new students enrolling in Jasper LVN classes. For more information, check with the Admissions office at the program you are applying to.

Are CNA to LVN Programs Available?

Yes, some vocational schools in Texas offer CNA to LVN programs. Usually, a CNA to LVN program will last one year. CNAs who Enroll in one of these programs will build upon their existing knowledge to learn the necessary skills to work at the LVN level.

LVN Schools Near You & Online Near Jasper, Texas

Tyler County Hospital

  • 1100 West Bluff Woodville, TX 75979
    Programs: LVN
    (409) 283-8141

Angelina College – Lufkin

  • 3500 South First St. Lufkin, TX 75904
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LVN, Radiography, RN
    (936) 639-1301

Panola College – Shelby College Center

  • Loop 500 Center, TX 75935
    Programs: CNA, LVN
    (936) 598-9543

Lamar State College-Orange

  • 410 Front Street Orange, TX 77630
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LVN, RN
    (409) 883-7750

Lamar State College

  • 1500 Procter Street Port Arthur, TX 77640
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LVN, RN
    (409) 983-4921

Panola College

  • 1109 W. Panola Carthage, TX 75633
    Programs: ADN, CNA, Health Information Management-Associate, LVN, RN
    (903) 693-2000

Angelina College – Crockett

  • 1505 South 4th Street Crockett, TX 75835
    Programs: LVN
    (936) 544-0055

Joe G. Davis School of Vocational Nursing

  • 110 Memorial Hospital Drive Huntsville, TX 77340
    Programs: LVN
    (936) 291-3411

Lone Star College

  • 20000 Kingwood Drive Kingwood, TX 77339
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LVN, RN
    (281) 312-1600

Lee College

  • 200 Lee Drive Baytown, TX 77520
    Programs: ADN, CNA, Health Information Management-Associate, LVN, RN
    (281) 425-6393

Lone Star College

  • 3200 College Park Drive Conroe, TX 77384
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LVN, Radiography, RN
    (936) 273-7334