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Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in Bolivar, Missouri

Are you considering a fulfilling career in healthcare? Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) could be the perfect path for you! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about becoming an LPN in Bolivar, Missouri. From understanding what an LPN does to exploring local training programs, we’ve got you covered.

Why Become an LPN in Bolivar

Bolivar, Missouri, is a charming town known for its friendly community and access to beautiful outdoor activities. With a growing demand for healthcare professionals, becoming an LPN in Bolivar offers a stable and rewarding career.

The average salary for an LPN in Missouri is approximately $46,000 per year, and the field is expected to grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Prerequisites for LPN Programs

Before enrolling in an LPN program, there are a few prerequisites you’ll need to meet:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Passing scores on entrance exams (varies by school)
  • Background check and drug screening

Typical Program Curriculum

LPN programs generally cover a range of medical and practical nursing topics. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the human body
  • Pharmacology: Basics of medication administration
  • Nursing Fundamentals: Core nursing skills
  • Clinical Practice: Hands-on training in healthcare settings
  • Patient Care: Techniques for providing compassionate care

LPN Training Programs in Bolivar, Missouri

Here are some local schools offering LPN programs in or near Bolivar:

  1. Bolivar Technical College
    • Address: 1135 N Oakland Ave, Bolivar, MO 65613
    • Program Description: Bolivar Technical College offers a comprehensive LPN program that includes both classroom instruction and clinical practice. The program is designed to be completed in about a year.
    • Program Page: Bolivar Technical College LPN Program
  2. Ozarks Technical Community College
    • Address: 1001 E Chestnut Expy, Springfield, MO 65802
    • Distance: Approximately 30 miles from Bolivar
    • Program Description: Located in Springfield, this college offers an LPN program with flexible scheduling options, including evening classes.
    • Program Page: Ozarks Technical Community College LPN Program
  3. State Fair Community College
    • Address: 3201 W 16th St, Sedalia, MO 65301
    • Distance: Approximately 90 miles from Bolivar
    • Program Description: This program offers a blend of online and in-person courses, catering to students who need a flexible learning schedule.
    • Program Page: State Fair Community College LPN Program

LPN Employment Opportunities in Bolivar

Bolivar has several healthcare facilities where LPNs can find employment. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. Citizens Memorial Hospital
    • Address: 1500 N Oakland Ave, Bolivar, MO 65613
    • Description: A leading healthcare provider in the region, offering a range of inpatient and outpatient services.
    • Employment Page: Citizens Memorial Hospital Careers
  2. Parkview Healthcare Facility
  3. Northwood Hills Care Center

LPN Certification Requirements

To become an LPN in Missouri, you must:

Cost and Financial Aid

The cost of LPN programs in Bolivar can vary, typically ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. Financial aid options, such as federal grants, scholarships, and student loans, are available. Be sure to check with each school’s financial aid office for specific opportunities.

Licensure Reciprocity

Missouri participates in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), which allows LPNs licensed in other compact states to practice in Missouri without obtaining additional licenses. If you’re moving from a non-compact state, you may need to meet additional requirements set by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

Get Started Today

Ready to take the next step in your nursing career? Becoming an LPN in Bolivar, Missouri, is a rewarding and achievable goal. Reach out to a local school today to get started on your journey. With the right training and dedication, you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling career as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Which Bolivar schools offer LPN programs?

Bolivar LPN Programs (campus-based programs as well as online LPN programs) are medical training programs. LPN programs are typically offered at vocational schools, technical schools, state colleges, nursing universities, online LPN programs, and other higher education institutions.

The best LPN school for you is the one that prepares you for success as a nurse. Many two year colleges that offer associate degrees also offer LPN programs. Exact class size and clinical requirements will vary by each college offering the program.

How do I become an LPN in Missouri?

You must complete a practical nursing program and pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX-PN) exam to be certified and receive your required LPN licensure.

How long will my LPN Course be?

Most LPN programs take 1 year to one and a half years complete. That's a 12 month to 18 month training program. Some nursing schools offer LPN programs which will qualify you for certification after only 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 months of class.

Do I need to complete an LPN program before I go to college to get an RN Degree?

No. Completing LPN training is not necessary before you can get your RN license. An accredited RN degree can be completed in as little as two years.

What are typical LPN Pre-Reqs?

As all schools have different academic requirements to get accepted into their LPN program, Missouri LPN schools are no exception. You can expect an entrance exam or at least a prerequisite check when you submit your application to determine your eligibility. There may be additional academic requirements also.

At the very least, most schools require applicants to have a High school diploma / GED. You also must get accepted to the college that you are applying to.

Financial aid, including nursing scholarships or federal grant money, may be available to you as a new students enrolling in Bolivar LPN classes. For more information, check with the Admissions office at the program you are applying to.

Are CNA to LPN Programs Available?

Yes, some vocational schools in Missouri offer CNA to LPN programs. Usually, a CNA to LPN program will last one year. CNAs who Enroll in one of these programs will build upon their existing knowledge to learn the necessary skills to work at the LPN level.

LPN Schools Near You & Online Near Bolivar, Missouri

Ozarks Technical Community College

  • 1001 E. Chestnut Expressway Springfield, MO 65802
    Programs: CNA, Health Information Management-Associate, LPN
    (417) 447-7500

Lebanon Technology And Career Center

  • 757 Brice Street Lebanon, MO 65536
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (417) 532-5494

Nevada Regional Technical Center

  • 811 West Hickory Nevada, MO 64772
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (417) 448-2000

Gibson Technical Center

  • 368 W. State Hwy. 76 Reeds Spring, MO 65737
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (417) 272-3271

Eldon Career Center

  • 112 S. Pine Street Eldon, MO 65026
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (573) 392-8060

Waynesville Technical Academy

Branson Technical College

  • 4440 N Gretna Rd. Branson, MO 65616
    Programs: ADN, LPN, RN
    (417) 336-6239

Missouri Southern State University

  • 3950 Newman Road Joplin, MO 64801
    Programs: Accelerated BSN, BSN, LPN, Radiography, RN, RN to BSN
    (417) 625-9300

State Fair Community College

  • 3201 W. 16th St. Sedalia, MO 65301
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LPN, Radiography, RN
    (877) 311-7322

Warrensburg Area Career Center

  • 205 South Ridgeview Dr. Warrensburg, MO 64093
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (660) 747-2283

Texas County Technical Institute

  • 6915 South Highway 63 Houston, MO 65483
    Programs: ADN, CNA, LPN, RN
    (417) 967-5466

Cass Career Center

  • 1600 E. Elm Street Harrisonville, MO 64701
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (816) 380-3253

Rolla Technical Center

  • 500 Forum Drive Rolla, MO 65401
    Programs: CNA, LPN, Radiography, Sonography
    (573) 458-0160

Nichols Career Center

  • 605 Union Street Jefferson City, MO 65101
    Programs: CNA, LPN, Radiography
    (573) 659-3100

Boonslick Technical Education Center

  • 1694 West Ashley Road Boonville, MO 65233
    Programs: CNA, LPN
    (660) 882-5306