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Springfield, MO 65802
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CoxCollege Student Review-Mandy Freer

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Submitted by Mandy Freer on December 19, 2014 - 02:42 AM
Job Placement:
Small school connected to Cox North Hospital in Springfield Mo. No dorms or on campus living, no sports. There is a student government body. There is a small store where you can buy Cox College merchandise, study materials, clinical materials, and small snacks, coffee, or soda. All books are ordered online. Class sizes are small (40 or less) and teachers and advisors are available and willing to help. Every classroom is equipped with SmartBoard technology, and instructors are trained to teach a "flipped" classroom, where students do the teaching to each other. The I structors however are still very involved in the education, and plenty of PowerPoint lectures are given, it's not always just students teaching students. Clinical instructors are helpful but expect a lot from you. The programs are hard, but they are well respected. I had a job within the first few weeks of my last semester.

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