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Alvin Community College


3110 Mustang Rd.
Alvin, TX 77511
United States



(281) 756-3500

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Tara Wise's picture
Submitted by Tara Wise on December 19, 2014 - 06:33 PM
Job Placement:
Go elsewhere!! Although I do feel given time Dr Fontenot will turn the program around and get more teachers that care that are not purposely trying to fail you! Or making it so hard over busy work that you can't see straight!! It was BRUTAL!!!! ! Dr. Fontenot, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Badmus, Mrs Hightower & maybe a small number of others are very awesome & worth your time!! They LOVED to teach!!! Didn't make it easy but cared about you & taught where you could understand! I think a few teachers attitude in general & the way they treated us was horrible!! I mean really Mrs Estes you treated us, future nurses of the most honorable profession like criminals! The letter you forced us to sign...utterly ridiculous!! And the clinical sites are really becoming limited! So my advise is go elsewhere & go for BSN program!!!!! I apologize to those professors at ACC mentioned above!! I know you ladies care & will turn it around!!

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