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Finding a Nursing Job After Graduation

April 22, 2015

After graduating from a nursing program, it can be confusing to know what steps to take next in order to become employed as a nurse. There are many different sources that an individual can go to for help with getting a nursing job, and he or she should consider using at least one (and if possible, more than one) of these sources to help discover job opportunities. It is very important for a person to have a job that he or she enjoys, and being thorough ensures that graduates are exposed to all of the job opportunities available and do not miss out on a positions that could be the best fit for them.

School Advisors

To begin, it is very important for a nursing school graduate to have a well-written resume and cover letter. Even if the graduate is able to write these on his or her own, it is always beneficial to have them reviewed by someone with more experience. Guidance counselors and career advisors at the nursing school are often some of the best people to ask for help in this area. Additionally, they may be able to give the graduate suggestions for companies to apply to and recommend places to send his or her resume. Guidance counselors and career advisors are often familiar with the employers in the area near the school and would be able to help determine which companies might be a good match for a specific individual.

Using the Internet

After getting his or her resume and cover letter in order, job seekers should begin by searching industry-specific job boards, such as's job board. Additionally, job seekers are able to continue their search at more general job boards such as and Employers from all over the world post jobs on these websites, so it is a great place to find open positions. These sites also allow job seekers to post their resumes so that they can be contacted by any interested employers. This is beneficial for nurses who do not know the exact organization that they would like to work for but still want to let employers know that they are looking for a job. Another website that can help with the process of finding a job is LinkedIn is a professional social network where people can connect with their professional contacts and gain access to other individuals who may provide them with professional opportunities.

Job Fairs

An additional place where recent graduates can discover new job opportunities is at a job fair. At a job fair, employers with positions to fill send representatives to meet recent graduates and other job seekers. Attendees of a job fair not only have the opportunity to learn about the companies that are attending, but they often also have the opportunity to ask questions about what it is like to work at that company or about any other concerns they might about the job. Employers attending job fairs often hand out written instructions about applying for a job at their company to make it as clear and easy as possible for job seekers to apply for a job when they leave the job fair.

Networking with Friends and Family Members

Lastly, individuals often discover some of the best job opportunities by talking friends or family members. Many people know of job opportunities that are available within the company that they work for, and they may be able to help a recent find out about a position that opened up within the company, possibly even before it is posted to the general public. Friends and family members can also help prepare an individual for what to expect from a job interview with that employer and can even recommend that the decision makers at the company hire the recent graduate.


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