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WI LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Wisconsin - LPN Earning Potential in the State of Wisconsin

The health care industry in this country is facing a challenge as more and more of the citizens are growing older with fewer resources available to care for them. This means that the demand for qualified LPNs is high now, and it will likely only get higher. Choosing a career as an LPN will offer you not only great job security and career satisfaction, but a great starting wage that will only increase as you gain experience. The LPN salary in Wisconsin for those just entering the workforce is about $37,000. This might be shy of the national average but there are many influencing factors that can substantially raise this rate.

Where you gained your LPN certification can be an important factor in determining your base LPN salary in Wisconsin. Some of the more popular schools for getting this accreditation are: the Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the North Central Technical College. Getting your certification at a good school will open up doors for you that may not be open to others.

Experience is another factor that can significantly alter the LPN salary in Wisconsin. Even while still at school you can volunteer at clinics and health care facilities or shelters. Any place that lets you learn more about your chosen profession and any opportunity to practice your skills should be taken and carefully listed on your resume. That way, by the time you graduate you will already have more experience than your peers. Also, the location of your employment will influence your salary. Working for a private clinic or doctor will likely award you with a higher wage compared to working for a community clinic. In addition, picking a specialty, like pediatrics or internal medicine, will allow you to demand a higher wage especially if you can get experience in that field of nursing.

Being an LPN is exciting and rewarding and it can provide a comfortable living. Education, experience and practicing in a specialized field of medicine will all influence the expected LPN salary in Wisconsin. Formulate a goal to earn as much experience before graduation as possible, and while in the workforce always move toward your ultimate goal. Once you have some years of experience then you can demand a higher wage. The outlook for LPNs in Wisconsin is good and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that there will likely be an additional 21 percent increase in the demand for LPNs in Wisconsin in the next 10 years, which makes this a very good career choice.

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