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OK LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Oklahoma -A Closer Look at an LPN Salary in Oklahoma

At the moment there is an estimated 15,000 job openings in the state of Oklahoma for people who are trained and qualified to be an LPN. A career as an LPN is becoming extremely popular as the demand for qualified nurses increases. The demand is increasing for LPNs because of the rapidly aging population, which increases the demand for quality healthcare. It is important to consider a few factors such as what the average LPN salary in Oklahoma is, where you can get a job, and what you have to do to become an LPN, before you decide to become an LPN.

The average LPN salary in Oklahoma is $43,000, which is lower than the national average for LPN salaries. The actual salary an LPN in the state of Oklahoma makes will vary depending upon how much experience you have in the healthcare industry, which employer you choose to work for, and what shifts you work. An LPN who is just starting out, and received their license to work can expect to make starting salary that is between $25,000 and $27,000. As an LPN gains experience they can earn anywhere from the statewide average salary, all the way up to the maximum LPN salary of $68,000.

A certified and licensed LPN can apply for any of over a thousand different jobs in the state of Oklahoma. Popular job opportunities for LPNs include working in hospitals, urgent care centers, nursing homes, private practices, and assisted living facilities. Some LPNs can choose to work in specialized fields of medicine such as cardiology, neurology and pediatrics. Working in a specialized field of medicine can sometimes make you more than the statewide average salary. LPNs can also work as school nurses, in community clinics, and as an on-site nurse for employers. The type of job you choose to apply for will determine whether or not you make more than the average LPN salary in Oklahoma.

If the becoming an LPN is still something you are interested in after reading about the average LPN salary in Oklahoma and what jobs are available, the process involved is fairly simple. All LPNs in the state of Oklahoma must attend an accredited LPN program. These programs take a year to complete. After completing an LPN course, individuals can take the test to become a licensed LPN. Once licensing has been obtained, you can be eligible to apply for the various LPN jobs in the healthcare industry.

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