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MI LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Michigan - An Overview of the LPN Salary in Michigan

Finding a job in the state of Michigan might be tough, but for those who have chosen a career as an LPN are finding they have their pick of employers to choose from. The nationwide nursing shortage has caused many healthcare industry employers to frantically search for people to fill vacant positions within their company. The incentives offered by these companies are so good that people who haven't even thought of becoming an LPN before are starting to consider going back to school and earning their LPN certificate. If becoming an LPN is something you are considering, here's a look at what the average LPN salary in Michigan is, and some examples of places you might be able to work.

The cost of living in Michigan is less than the nationwide average cost of living. The lower cost of living means that LPNs can expect to earn an average LPN salary of $43,000. That is roughly 9% lower than the national LPN salary average. The salary an LPN makes will vary greatly depending upon what employer you choose to work for, what shift you work, and where you went to school. LPNs who just received their LPN certificate from community college or vocational school can expect to receive a starting salary between $20,000 and $25,000.

There are many great job opportunities for those who choose to become an LPN. LPNs are able to work in general hospital settings or community clinics. Many community clinics will hire LPNs to run blood work, administer basic tests, and gather information from the patients. Some LPNs who work in this type of setting are able to administer flu shots, vaccines and other medications. The average LPN salary in Michigan for individuals who work in this type of setting can be anywhere from a starting salary of $20,000, all the way up to $48,000.

LPNs that are looking to earn more than the average LPN salary in Michigan may choose to work in a private practice or a specialized unit in the hospital. Working in a private practice or a specialized unit in a hospital often requires the LPN to have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, and knowledge in the area they are working in. This extensive experience and knowledge is compensated by offering LPNs in this area of the healthcare industry more than the average LPN salary. An LPN that works in a private practice or a specialized unit in a hospital can expect to earn between $43,000 and $60,000.

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