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Types of Nurses

Addiction Nursing

Addiction is a disease with which many individuals struggle. It takes a variety of forms, and the severity of the condition differs from person to person. When addiction is mentioned, what most often comes to mind is dependence on alcohol and other controlled substances. However, some addictions are difficult to detect. [read more]

Agency Nursing

Agency nurses, also referred to as supplemental nurses, work with an agency to fill temporary nursing positions. These nurses move from place to place, rather than working for a single organization. While some may choose to pursue agency nursing as a solution to being unable to find permanent employment with one organization, [read more]

Ambulatory Care Nursing

Ambulatory care nursing is a specialty within the industry that is characterized by the rapid-paced, focused assessments of patients; translating and teaching about the prescriptions so they become doable activities for caregivers and patients; and maintaining long-term relationships with nurses, patients and families. [read more]

Anesthesia Nursing

Nurse Anesthetists are nurses who have completed additional education and certification in order to specialize in administering anesthesia. These individuals must earn a graduate level degree and are considered to be advanced practice nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most Nurse Anesthetists are employed by physicians' offices, though they are also employed by a variety of other organizations. In 2012, the BLS estimated that around 34,180 CRNAs were employed nationally. [read more]

Cardiac Care Nursing

Cardiac care nurses, or cardiovascular nurses, play an important role in healthcare. They specialize in caring for patients that suffer from conditions such as heart attacks or chronic heart disease. These nurses not only have to be experts on cardiovascular function, but they must also be knowledgeable about any conditions resulting from heart disease or malfunction and know how to help patients understand their conditions. Experience is a definite advantage in cardiovascular nursing, as these nurses often care for patients facing life or death situations, but it is never too early or late to pursue an career in this field. [read more]

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nursing

A cardiac catheterization lab nurse is commonly referred to as a cath lab nurse, and plays a critical role in diagnosing and treating heart conditions. These individuals are registered nurses who work in the specialization of heart disease and diagnosis. It is essential for nurses in this nursing occupation to stay up to date and current with the technology as it is always changing and advancing. [read more]

Case Management Nursing

Nurses in the field of case management are responsible for providing care to patients who receive long-term treatment. Case management nurses also usually specialize in one area, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, or HIV/AIDS; and they work closely with patients, doctors, and other caregivers to coordinate care and manage costs. In many cases, the patients cared for by case management nurses have complex needs. They might see a variety of specialists or need frequent treatments or procedures. Case management nursing is a complex and multi-faceted field in which nurses are likely to have a long-term working relationship with patients or clients. [read more]

Certified Registered Anesthetist Nursing

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) is a licensed nurse similar to an anesthesiologist who offers anesthesia services. [read more]

Clinical Research Nursing

Nurses are primarily responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diverse populations; however, there are different nursing career paths beyond these traditional functions. [read more]

Correctional Nursing

[read more]