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WA LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Washington - A Look at Becoming an LPN in Washington

Washington state is starting to feel the effects of a nation that is experiencing a shortage of nurses. There is a high demand for qualified and trained LPNs in this particular state in the Pacific Northwest. Employers in the state of Washington are trying to encourage people to consider becoming LPNs. Bonuses, student loan forgiveness programs, an LPN salary in Washington that is higher than expected, benefits and other incentives are all being offered to individuals in the hopes of encouraging them to enter a career as an LPN. If you are considering becoming an LPN in Washington, here are some things you should consider.

The first thing to consider is the average LPN salary in Washington. The average salary for LPNs in the state of Washington is $43,000, which is less than the nationwide average salary. However, there are things you can do to increase that salary. Individuals who work in larger cities such as Seattle, Olympia and Spokane will tend to earn more than the statewide average. Individuals who work in rural areas will typically earn the average LPN salary, or slightly less.

The second thing to consider is where you will attend your LPN training. All LPNs in the state of Washington need to attend an accredited LPN training program. While it doesn't matter what state you received your training in, some employers in Washington will offer individuals who attended an LPN program in Washington a salary that is higher than the average LPN salary in Washington. There are over 20 accredited colleges and universities in the state of Washington that offer LPN training courses. The top-ranked LPN training course in Washington is Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, Washington. Other LPN courses include Everett Community College, Olympic College, Green River Community College, and Skagit Valley College.

The last thing to consider when wanting to become an LPN in the state of Washington is where you will work once you are licensed. Licensed LPNs can work in a variety of jobs. LPNs can work as traditional nurses in healthcare environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, and private practices. LPNs can work in non-traditional jobs such as becoming a school nurse, working as an on-site nurse for a company or corporation, teaching LPN classes, and administering vaccinations and flu shots at drugstores or community clinics. The type of job you choose to pursue will determine whether or not you earn more than the average LPN salary in Washington.

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