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SD LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in South Dakota - A Closer Look at Becoming an LPN in South Dakota

No state in the United State is immune to the nationwide nursing shortage. The government estimates that almost every state can expect to experience at least a 5% increase in the number of jobs available in the healthcare industry, and South Dakota is no exception. Employers in the state of South Dakota are trying to combat this potential nursing shortage by encouraging individuals to pursue a career as an LPN. These employers are offering higher salaries that are more than the average LPN salary in South Dakota, and bonuses and other incentives to become an LPN. If these incentives are enough to interest you in becoming an LPN, here's a look at what you will need to do.

The first step to becoming an LPN in the state of South Dakota and potentially earning more than the average LPN salary in South Dakota is to attend an accredited college or university. There are five accredited brick and mortar colleges and universities in South Dakota that offer LPN courses or programs. Several online colleges and universities also offer LPN programs. The top-ranked LPN school in South Dakota is Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Other schools include Mount Marty College, Lake Area Technical Institute and Kaplan University.

It will usually take about a year of full-time classes to complete an LPN program in South Dakota. Students during that year of classes will learn how to administer shots, how to read charts, take notes for doctors, and how to administer to the day-to-day care of a patient. In fact, most LPNs who graduate from an LPN course will be ready to enter the workforce with little or no further training needed. Some LPN students can choose to take other courses and programs such as specializing in cardiology or pediatrics. These courses can increase an LPN student's chance of landing a job that pays more than the average LPN salary in South Dakota.

The average LPN salary in South Dakota is $40,000, with an average starting salary of $20,000. This is lower than the national average for LPN salaries, and is due to the fact that the cost of living in South Dakota is significantly lower than the nationwide cost of living. There are a few things LPNs can do to increase their salary. They can pick up extra shifts, work the nightshift, work shifts that have extended hours, work in high stress environments, or work in a specialized area in the medical field.

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