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MS LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Mississippi - A Look at the Salary of an LPN in Mississippi

There might be a debate over who should cover healthcare and how health insurance should be handled, but there's one thing everyone agrees on: there is a nationwide nursing shortage. This nationwide nursing shortage has caused many people to consider a career as an LPN. LPNs are licensed practical nurses who are responsible for handling the mundane tasks associated with keeping patients healthy and comfortable. Before you can make a decision on whether to become an LPN or not, you should take a closer look at some of the facts surrounding the career. Here's a look at what the average LPN salary in Mississippi is, and how much you can expect to make as an LPN in Mississippi.

The state of Mississippi has one of the highest LPN salaries in the United States. The average LPN salary in Mississippi is $58,000. This is almost 23% higher than the average nationwide salary for an LPN. Healthcare experts believe that Mississippi offers a higher salary in an effort to attract trained and qualified individuals to the healthcare industry in the state. Individuals who want to make more than the nationwide average LPN salary will consider studying to become an LPN in the state of Mississippi, or transfer to an employer who is based in Mississippi.

The average LPN salary in Mississippi might be $58,000, but the amount you will make will really vary depending upon what employer you choose to work for, what area of the healthcare industry you work in, and how much experience you have in the healthcare industry. Individuals who have recently graduated from an LPN program can expect to offered a starting salary of anywhere between $28,000 and $32,000. This lower than average salary is because of the lack of experience most recent graduates have, and the belief that employers will have to continue to train these recent graduates.

Who you choose to work for and the area of the healthcare industry you work in will impact your salary. LPNs who wish to make more than the average LPN salary in Mississippi will want to consider working for larger, private hospitals, private practices, or in a specialized field within the healthcare industry. Employers of this nature will typically offer LPNs a salary that is higher than the average LPN salary. General hospitals, community clinics, and some private practices will pay an LPN a rate that is competitive with the statewide average LPN salary.

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