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NE LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Nebraska - A Look at an LPN in Nebraska

The media spotlight on the nationwide nursing shortage has caused many individuals to consider pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. One of the most popular careers in the healthcare industry for people to pursue is a career as an LPN. A career as an LPN is a popular choice because it only requires roughly a year of schooling before people can enter the workforce, and there are a lot of potential job opportunities available for LPNs. If you are considering a career as an LPN in the state of Nebraska, you can use some of the following information such as what schooling options are available, what the average LPN salary in Nebraska is, and where you can work, to help you decide if this is the right career path.

There are seven accredited universities and colleges in Nebraska that offer LPN courses or programs. All people who wish to become an LPN in the state of Nebraska must obtain a certification from one of these accredited universities or colleges. Southeast Community College Area in Lincoln, Nebraska is the top ranked LPN school. Obtaining your LPN certification from this top ranked school may help you earn a higher than average LPN salary in Nebraska, as employers want to entice students from this school to work for them. Other LPN schools in Nebraska include Metropolitan Community College, and Northeast Community College.

The cost of living in Nebraska is lower than the nation's average cost of living. This lower cost of living will have an impact on the salary an LPN is offered. The average LPN salary in Nebraska is $39,000, which is 16% lower than the nationwide average for LPN salaries. Some LPNs such as those who just recently graduated from an LPN program or those that have little or no experience in the healthcare industry can earn less than the statewide average.

There are dozens of job opportunities available to LPNs in Nebraska. The type of job you choose to take as an LPN will impact whether you make more than the average LPN salary in Nebraska. Job opportunities for LPNs in Nebraska include working in hospitals, administering flu shots at drugstores, working in community clinics, private practices, and at nursing homes. Other job opportunities for LPNs in Nebraska include working as a school nurse, working as an on-site nurse for a private company, or administering care to patients at an urgent care center.

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