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IN LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

According to a May 2013 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the state of Indiana employs 19,350 licensed practical nurses. At the time when this data was collected, the average salary in this state for this occupation was $40,070. This is just slightly lower than the national average of $41,540. This difference is offset by the fact that the cost of living in this state is nearly ten percent below the national average.

The Indianapolis-Carmel area employs the largest percentage of Indiana LPNs. 5,750 licensed practical nurses worked here in 2013. The average salary for this occupation was $42,170 per year, or $20.27 per hour. The Indianapolis-Caramel area tied with Gary, Indiana for the highest average LPN salary. LPNs in the Indianapolis-Caramel area earned salaries ranging from below $33,430 to above $50,720. The cost of living in this area is 8.5 percent below the national average.

The Northern Indiana nonmetropolitan area had the lowest average LPN salary in the state. LPNs in this area were paid an average of $37,650 per year, or $18.10 per hour. Salaries ranged from below $30,850 to above $46,530.

LPNs have some ability to influence their earning potential. Those with more experience in the field are likely to be paid a higher salary. In addition, geographic location affects salary. Employer and work environment also influence one's salary as an LPN.



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