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TX LPN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

LPN Salary in Texas - A Closer Look at Becoming an LPN in Texas

Texas is preparing for the future by increasing the public's interest in becoming an LPN. The government expects the state of Texas to experience a 5% increase in the number of LPN positions employers will need to fill to provide adequate healthcare to individuals. In an effort to avoid a situation where there are more jobs than people who are qualified to fill them, Texas is increasing the public's interest in becoming an LPN. If you are considering becoming an LPN, here's a look at some valuable information such as what the average LPN salary in Texas is, where you can go to become an LPN, and what you can expect when you become an LPN.

The average LPN salary in Texas is $45,000, which is around the nationwide average LPN salary. LPNs in Texas can expect to encounter a situation where salaries will vary significantly depending upon a number of factors. Experience is the biggest factor in determining what salary you receive as an LPN. An LPN who is just starting out in the healthcare industry, and who has little or no experience can expect to start at a salary of $22,000. An LPN who has extensive experience and training can earn a salary that is anywhere from the average salary of $45,000, all the way up to $78,000.

To become an LPN in the state of Texas, you will need to attend an accredited college or university. Texas has one of the largest collections of colleges and universities that offer LPN training. There are over 63 colleges and universities that offer LPN courses and programming. The top-ranked LPN program in Texas is the Dallas Nursing Institute in Dallas, Texas. Employers will often recruit students from this school, as they know graduates from this program will need little or no further training.

All LPNs in the state of Texas are required to be licensed. Once licensed, you can apply for any of the available LPN job openings. Common places for LPNs to work in the state of Texas include hospitals, urgent care centers, private practices, community clinics, and nursing homes. Each employer will offer a varying salary, but most are offering a salary that is competitive with the industry. If you wish to earn more than the average LPN salary in Texas, you may want to consider a job that is considered a high stress environment. Employers will often pay more to individuals who work in high stress environments such as emergency rooms or urgent care centers.

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