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South Carolina LPN Salary

LPN Salary in South Carolina - A Closer Look at an LPN Salary in South Carolina

The government estimates that there will be a 19% increase in the number of job openings for LPNs in the state of South Carolina. If this job increase estimate is accurate there are currently not enough qualifying and trained LPNs to cover the significant increase in LPN job openings. This can lead to a statewide shortage of LPNs. Employers and healthcare agencies are trying to prevent this shortage from happening by offering individuals benefits, bonuses and other incentives to choose a career as an LPN. If you are considering becoming an LPN, here are some facts such as average LPN salary in South Carolina, and who hires LPNs. This information can help you decide if a career as an LPN is right for you.

The average LPN salary in South Carolina is $42,000. This salary is slightly less than the nationwide average LPN salary. The lower than average salary for an LPN in the state of South Carolina is due to the fact that the cost of living in South Carolina is slightly lower than the nationwide average cost of living. Although the average salary in South Carolina is $42,000 for LPNs, an LPN who is just starting out in the healthcare industry can expect to receive less. Starting salaries for LPNs in South Carolina is anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of earning more than the average LPN salary in South Carolina. Individuals who work nightshifts or extended 12-hour shifts will sometimes earn more than the average LPN salary. Employers will sometimes pay $3-$5 more than for individuals to work this shift. Individuals can also try and specialize in a specific area in the healthcare industry. LPNs who have extensive knowledge in a medical field such as cardiology, neurology, geriatrics or pediatrics can often earn a salary that is twice the average LPN salary.

The LPN job market in South Carolina is decent. There are thousands of job openings, with most of the employers willing to pay a competitive salary for the industry. In South Carolina, LPNs can have their choice of working in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living center, school or college, urgent care center, community clinic or as a home health aide. Many of these job opportunities will pay a salary that is equal to or slightly more than the average LPN salary in South Carolina.

What is the average pay for LPN in South Carolina?

The LPN pay scale varies per state throughout the United States.

LPN pay scale may also vary by employer.

An individual's compensation may also vary based on work experience.

South Carolina LPN Salaries

South Carolina LPNs earn an average of $36,720 per year.

Some LPNs in South Carolina earn up to $47,530 per year or more.

South Carolina LPN Hourly Wage

In 2008, the average hourly earnings of South Carolina LPNs was $17.65.

In some cases, LPNs in South Carolina earned up to $22.85 per hour or more.

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