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Nevada LPN Salary

LPN Salary in Nevada - A Look at an LPN Salary in Nevada

The nation, including the state of Nevada could soon be in a healthcare crisis. There is an extreme shortage of trained and experienced nurses. This shortage could potentially decrease the quality of healthcare people receive. In an effort to prevent this healthcare crisis many employers are offering individuals incentives to become an LPN. LPNs are nurses who are responsible for administering the day-to-day care to a patient. People can become an LPN in just over a year, and their knowledge and expertise can help to relieve the healthcare crisis. If an LPN career sounds interesting, taking a closer look at the average LPN salary in Nevada can help you decide if this is the right career for you.

The average LPN salary in Nevada is $44,000. This is 7% lower than the nationwide average LPN salary. LPN salaries in the state of Nevada can vary. The lowest salary an LPN can expect to receive is $20,000. This salary is usually reserved for individuals who are just out of school, and who have little or no experience in the healthcare industry. The highest salary an LPN can expect to make in Nevada is $67,000, which is usually given to experienced LPNs who work in a specialized area in the healthcare industry.

LPNs can make more than the average LPN salary in Nevada by making a few important decisions. The first decision that needs to be made is what shift you will work as an LPN. LPNs who work the graveyard shift or nighttime shift often make more than daytime LPNs. Nighttime LPNs will usually make more as employers offer a slightly higher salary in an effort to entice workers to work this shift. Employers also offer more to nighttime LPNs as a form of compensation for the incontinent shift.

Another decision that can help you make more than the average LPN salary in Nevada is where you will work. LPNs who are hired to work in high stress environments such as urgent care centers or emergency rooms will usually make more than an LPN who works in a general hospital. The reason for the higher salary is because employers need individuals with experience to work in these settings, and the higher salary will attract experienced LPNs. The high patient turnover and unpredictable situations that happen in urgent care centers and emergency rooms requires the help of an experienced and knowledgeable LPN.

What is the average pay for LPN in Nevada?

The LPN pay scale varies per state throughout the United States.

LPN pay scale may also vary by employer.

An individual's compensation may also vary based on work experience.

Nevada LPN Salaries

Nevada LPNs earn an average of $46,610 per year.

Some LPNs in Nevada earn up to $57,940 per year or more.

Nevada LPN Hourly Wage

In 2008, the average hourly earnings of Nevada LPNs was $22.41.

In some cases, LPNs in Nevada earned up to $27.85 per hour or more.

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