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South Carolina CNA Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

CNA salary in South Carolina

CNA salary in South Carolina depends on several factors. These factors are the location the CNA works, the employer the CNA has, and how much experience the CNA has. CNAs provide a vital function in the healthcare industry and many companies who work in healthcare are eager to hire CNAs and even more eager to keep them. This means that companies are willing to pay higher salaries and offer more benefits for CNAs who can do a good job. This is a demanding field and not everyone is suited for it but many fall in love with the job and are happy to be the ones who are mainly dealing with patients.

The CNA salary in South Carolina ranges from about $18,000 to $24,000 a year. CNAs can make less than this range or they may make more than this range. The location where the CNA lives and works can make a huge difference in how much the CNA is able to make every year. If the CNA works for an employer who is located in a city, then the CNA will most likely make more than a CNA who works in a small town or in a rural area. The difference is the cost of living required in each of the areas. Since everything costs more in the city, the salaries for CNAs are higher to reflect that.

CNA salary in South Carolina depends largely on the experience that the CNA has. When a CNA first receives training the experience that he or she has is mostly what was done during hands on training in the training program. Very few employers consider this to be actual experience when considering a CNA for hiring. Experience comes from working in the healthcare field and the longer a CNA works the more they will make. Salaries rise every year based in part on the experience that a CNA has.

Experience affects the employers that a CNA can choose from which in turn affects CNA salary in South Carolina. Employers who offer higher salaries and better benefits, such as paid sick days, usually prefer CNAs who have at least a year of experience. Some employers require more. This is because they do not have to train or closely monitor the CNA. Some employers will provide on the job training in exchange for the CNA working for the employer for a set amount of time but the CNA will have to earn a higher salary.

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