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WY RN Salary, Wage Earnings, & Hourly Pay Scale

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average RN salary in Wyoming was $61,480 as of May 2013. Based on the data only 4,500 registered nurses were employed in this state. The average RN salary for this occupation in Wisconsin is lower than the national average of $65,470. According to the Missouri , the cost of living in Wyoming is 3.7 lower than the national average.

The median RN salary in Wyoming is slightly lower than the mean at $60,540. Registered nurses with salaries in the 90th percentile earned more than $78,060 in 2013. Those with salaries in the 75th percentile made more than $70,590. Registered nurses with earnings in the 25th percentile made less than $53,100, while those in the tenth percentile earned under $47,690. To maximize earnings, registered nurses can pursue higher education or become certified in a specialty area. Salaries often vary by employer.

Cheyenne has the highest average RN salary in Wyoming. This city employed 900 RNs in 2013. The average RN salary in Cheyenne was $63,610 per year, or $31.14 per hour. RNs with salaries above the 90th percentile made more than $88,390, and those above the 75th percentile earned over $74,230. Those with salaries below the 25th percentile made less than $53,930, while RNs in the tenth percentile made under $48,300. The cost of living in Cheyenne was 6.1% below the national average according to Forbes. This is also below average for the state, despite having the highest nursing salaries. The median home in this city costs $129,100.

Casper employs the second largest number of RNs in the state, but at a lower average salary than Cheyenne. In 2013, this city employed 810 registered nurses. The average salary was $61,420 at that time. RN salaries in Casper ranged from below $49,580 to above $75,350. The median salary for this occupation was $61,340. The cost of living in Casper is 6.8 percent below the national average.



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