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Alaska RN Salary

RN Salary in Alaska - Potential Earnings for Alaska Nurses

As of May, 2010, Alaska was the fourth highest-paying state for registered nurses according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The average annual RN salary in Alaska was $79,350, or $38.15 an hour. The Railbelt/Southwest Alaska nonmetropolitan area is the fifth highest-paying nonmetropolitan area in the United States for this occupation, offering an average annual wage of $76,890 or $36.97 an hour. These figures are significantly higher than the national average earnings for registered nurses which were $67,720 annually or $32.56 an hour. Cashing in on these high salaries isn't easy, however. Alaska employed only 5,150 nurses as of May 2010.

Individuals who are considering relocating north to take advantage of the potentially high RN salary in Alaska will find that there are many advantages to moving to this state. The cost of living in Alaska is only marginally higher than the U.S. average. Some of this is offset but Alaska's low tax rate. There is no statewide sales tax here at all. Residents also receive an annual Permanent Fund Dividend for living in Alaska. In 2011, the Permanent Fund Dividend payout was $1,174. However, the rural nature of many Alaska cities can make life more difficult and unemployment is often high.

Anchorage employs the majority of the registered nurses in Alaska. This city is the largest in Alaska with 291,826 residents as of 2010. Anchorage contains more than 40 percent of Alaska's total population. This one city employed approximately 3,340 nurses as of May, 2010, which is more than half of the state's total employed registered nurses. In comparison, the southeast nonmetropolitan area of Alaska employed 520 RNs while the Railbelt/Southwest nonmetropolitan area employed 680. The average RN salary in Anchorage was $81,460 a year, or $39.16 an hour. This is higher than the mean RN salary in Alaska as a whole.

The range for an RN salary in Alaska is very large. Those with earnings in the bottom 10 percent of the state make less than $58,240 a year. The 25th percentile is $66,250. Alaska's mean annual salary for RNs is $77,770. Earnings at the 75th percentile are $89,910 annually. Workers in the 90th percentile make more than $105,310 a year. Wages are slightly higher in large metropolitan cities such as Anchorage and Fairbanks which have median wages of $80,190 and $76,640 respectively. RNs earn less in rural nonmetropolitan areas such as Southeast Alaska where the median wage was just $70,260 according to BLS data.

What is the average pay for RN in Alaska?

The RN pay scale varies per state throughout the United States.

RN pay scale may also vary by employer.

An individual's compensation may also vary based on work experience.

Alaska RN Salaries

Alaska RNs earn an average of $72,820 per year.

Some RNs in Alaska earn up to $98,570 per year or more.

Alaska RN Hourly Wage

In 2008, the average hourly earnings of Alaska RNs was $35.01.

In some cases, RNs in Alaska earned up to $47.39 per hour or more.

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