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Alabama RN Salary

RN Salary in Alabama - Working as an Alabama Registered Nurse

The state of Alabama has approximately 44,300 registered nurses as of May 2010, according to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The average annual RN salary in Alabama in May 2010 was $57,850. This correlates to an hourly mean wage of about $27.81. This is slightly lower than the national mean salary for RNs which was $67,720, or $32.56 an hour for this time period. Registered nurses with a salary in the top 10 percent of their field earned an average of $76,760 while those in the bottom 10 percent had an average annual salary of $40,380.

According to BLS data from May 2010, the Birmingham-Hoover area of Alabama employed the most registered nurses in the state with 14,710 RNs. The average salary for RNs in Birmingham was $60,440. RNs with earnings in the top 10 percent made $81,930 here while those in the bottom 10 percent made $41,900. With a high number of employed RNs as well as a very high salary potential for those at the top of their field, the city of Birmingham could be an excellent choice for qualified nurses looking to earn a good RN salary in Alabama. More recent data indicates that salaries in this area have only risen in recent years.

Columbus, AL reported the highest average RN salary in Alabama with mean annual earnings of $61,310 and 2,630 employed registered nurses. RNs with a salary in the top 10 percent in Columbus made $77,240 while those in the bottom 10 percent earned $45.670. Potential earnings in the city of Montgomery are close behind with a mean annual wage of $61,180. This city has the highest annual wage for those in the 90th percentile at $82,600. However, earnings for those in the bottom 10 percent here plummet to $41,670. Montgomery, AL employed 3,170 RNs as of May 2010, according the BLS.

For registered nurses, higher earnings are typically associated with more education or specialties. RNs with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree will earn more than those with an Associate's. Additional credentialing is available in specialized areas such as gerontology, pediatrics and ambulatory care. These additional credentials are typically voluntary and may be obtained from a variety of sources including the National League for Nursing and American Nursing Credentialing Center. However, pursuing continued education may be required by some employers and is nearly always associated with a higher RN salary in Alabama. Nationwide, personal care services, the federal executive branch and pharmaceutical manufacturing are the highest-paying industries for RNs.

What is the average pay for RN in Alabama?

The RN pay scale varies per state throughout the United States.

RN pay scale may also vary by employer.

An individual's compensation may also vary based on work experience.

Alabama RN Salaries

Alabama RNs earn an average of $56,670 per year.

Some RNs in Alabama earn up to $75,730 per year or more.

Alabama RN Hourly Wage

In 2008, the average hourly earnings of Alabama RNs was $27.25.

In some cases, RNs in Alabama earned up to $36.41 per hour or more.

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