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Why the Metaparadigm is Necessary to Nurse Theory Construction?

The metaparadigm in nurse theory is: Person, health, environment and nursing. This metaparadigm is important to nurse theory construction because all four of those things are important when it comes to patient care. You can’t efficiently treat a patient if you do not take all four of those things into consideration. Let’s look at them a little more closely.

The person is probably the most important factor in the metaparadigm in nurse theory construction. Without the person, there is no need for a nurse. Of course, in this metaparadigm, the “person” can be more than one actual individual. It can refer to a group of people. Either way, the point is to not treat the person as just a being there for you to make better. You are supposed to nurture that person. Make them feel like you truly care for their health and wellbeing and want to see them get better. Your attitude, whether you are a positive person or a negative person, indirectly affects how well they recover. It is important for you to remember that.

The next part of the metaparadigm of nurse theory construction is “health.” This idea of health is not constant from day to day. It is more of a generalized term. For people with different health conditions, a healthy day can be drastically different from a healthy day of other people. It is important to see each health case as individuals instead of as what would be considered normal to the average person. Since the term “health” is to be viewed as a more relative term, its definition can change from person to person and case to case. So, a good nurse needs to be able to evaluate a patient based upon their individual health issues and not based upon what the average person feels and how the average person would handle the illness.

Next is the environment. The environment refers to everything around the patient that impacts their recovery and illness. This does not just mean the things around them, but also their state of mind. The patient can have all positive influences around them, but if they are chronically depressed over their illness, they will be less likely to improve or have a good quality of life during their illness.

The final thing in the metaparadigm of nurse theory construction is “nursing.” The nursing part of the metaparadigm serves as the compassion component of the patient care. A good nurse is one who is compassionate and caring. The nurse must demonstrate this attitude to their patients at all times. In cases where the patient has a grave illness, like cancer, it does not help to have a nurse who is not caring and compassionate. So, remember to always show your patients that you care about their health and recovery. All of these together is what makes a good nurse.