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Histology Resources

Acute myocardial infraction in girl with familial hypercholesterolemia

The human body is a highly complicated machine. It’s more complicated than most engines because there are countless small parts that connect to each other and turn the body into quite an efficient machine. Each part of the human body plays a specific role and each role is extremely important to the health and well-being of a person. Here are links to sites that explain how the body functions.


Blood & Blood Development

Cardiovascular System

Cartilage, Bone, & Bone Development

Cellular Structure

Connective Tissue


Female Reproductive System

Integument & Breast

Liver, Gallbladder, & Pancreas

Lymphatic System I / Lymphatic System II

  • Lymphatic System: Describes the lymphatic system’s role within the body.
  • Lymph System: Article that discusses why the systems are so vital to the body’s continued health.

Male Reproductive System

Muscular System

Nervous System

Oral Cavity & Esophagus

  • The Esophagus: Discusses the importance of the esophagus within the digestive system.

Respiratory System

Special Senses

Stomach & Intestines

  • Stomach Description: Article that discusses the stomach’s functions.
  • Intestines: Provides information on the intestines, their uses, and the diseases that affect them.

Urinary System