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Colorado Cardiovascular Technician Programs

How to Become a Cardiovascular Technician in Colorado - Cardiovascular Technician Programs in Colorado

If you are a patient with a heart problem, you have more than likely come across a cardiovascular technician during your course of testing. Cardiovascular technicians are the ones who do the imaging of the heart and even veins in other parts of the body in order to diagnose various heart conditions and blood clots. It is a very important job because the cardiologist can't do his or her job without knowing what is wrong and going from there to recommend the course of treatment. Because of the importance of the cardiovascular technician, it is steadily becoming a growing healthcare field, with projected job growth through 2020 to grow by 20%.

So how does one become a cardiovascular technician in Colorado? Are there any cardiovascular technician programs in Colorado at all? In order to become a cardiovascular technician, all you have to earn is an associate's degree. Even though an associate's degree will enable you to get a job as a cardiovascular technician, many students go all of the way and get a bachelor's degree. The reason for this is that it enables you to qualify for higher pay when you go to apply for jobs. Certification also helps with higher salary, but it is not required.

Speaking of salary, if you work in the State of Colorado as a cardiovascular technician, the average median salary range is between $42,000 and $55,000. If you want to get on the higher end of the salary spectrum, you will need to find a job in one of the larger cities, like Denver, likely have a more advanced degree than an associate's degree, and be certified. A lot of people do not realize that the city their job is in has an impact on how much they make, but it does. Another thing that has an impact is who you work for. Some hospital systems have more money to spend on salaries than others, so always be aware of that.

Let's talk about certification for a moment. It is true that you do not have to be certified to work as a cardiovascular technician, but it is highly recommended. Why is that? For starters, it shows that you actually know what you need to know in order to perform your job. Anybody can make it through a degree program and pass. However, state certification exams are very difficult. If you pass that, then you know your stuff. Also, many employers only want to hire those who are certified. So, once you graduate from your program, get certified.

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