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When a patient comes in for a heart procedure, they are likely going to be nervous and not really sure of what is going to happen. One of the first people they will see before the procedure is the cardiovascular technician. It is the job of the cardiovascular technician to completely prepare the patient for the invasive and non-invasive heart procedures. Some cardiovascular technicians even get to perform the non-invasive procedures themselves it just depends on the facility. They are responsible for making sure all of the patient's information is correct, getting all necessary imaging, and then prepping the patient for the surgery, if it will be invasive. After that, cardiovascular technicians assist the surgeons in the operating room.

It is fairly simple to find a cardiovascular technician program in the State of Vermont. All you need is a two-year degree from a community college. There are many community colleges sprinkled all across Vermont and many of them have this degree program. You may even find a college that offers a four-year program in this field, but rest assured that a two-year degree is all you need in order to be able to find work as a cardiovascular technician. Another thing you will find beneficial to finding work is to get your certification and licensure as many employers only hire cardiovascular technicians who are.

The really good thing about the field of the cardiovascular technician is that it is seeing a quicker than normal growth rate. There are many jobs for cardiovascular technicians available nationwide, including the State of Vermont. As a matter of fact, the field is expected to increase its workforce by 29% in the next eight years. When you factor in that there are tens of thousands of cardiovascular technicians in the field, you see that is a very large number of jobs that will be added.

Most people like to consider the amount of money they will make before they decide on a career path. That is only natural. For those who work as cardiovascular technicians, the average salary is a little over $49,000 a year. Naturally, you are not guaranteed to make this much in Vermont. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to make less, but then the cost of living is not as high in this state. However, you may find in a year or two that you are making this much with your raises and bonuses. It just depends on where you work though.

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