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Cardiovascular technicians play an important role in helping protect and diagnose patients. They assist cardiologists when it comes time to examine arteries for damages and blockages, and can then help repair these problems with the use of stents or balloons. To get started with figuring out how to become a cardiovascular technician in Kentucky, it's helpful to look for certified programs that offer associate's degrees in this field. It's also required to become certified as a cardiovascular technician in the state of Kentucky. There are many different types of programs to choose from, including those at technical colleges, vocational schools, community colleges, or four-year universities.

The typical type of coursework that you will need to complete in certified cardiovascular technician programs in Kentucky will include a heavy dose of math and science. You will need to take courses in biology, biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy, for example. It's required by the state of Kentucky to include at least 800 hours of clinical training in a hands-on setting, to prepare students to work in a real-life hospital or doctor's office after graduating. After receiving a certification from the training program of your choice, the next step is to pass the Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist exam. Students can choose whether they would prefer to become certified as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, or a Registered Vascular Technologist.

These two different types of certifications differ slightly. Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers perform relatively non-invasive procedures, while Registered Vascular Technologists will perform more invasive procedures. Students who wish to learn how to become a cardiovascular technician in Kentucky will need to figure out which field they prefer. For either qualification, you will need a minimum of an associate's degree and the ability to use intricate equipment necessary for procedures including echocardiography. Cardio techs will also need to be able to interpret patient charts and take readings.

There are several certified cardiovascular technician programs in Kentucky to choose form. Daymar College in Bowling Green offers a Cardiographic Technology degree at both the diploma and associate's degree level. There are also Daymar College locations in Louisville which offer these same courses. Eastern Kentucky University is another option for students who wish to learn more about how to become a cardiovascular technician in Kentucky, with their highly regarded nursing programs. Be sure to look at all options and determine what area of cardiology you wish to specialize in.

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