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Those seeking a career as a cardiovascular technician in Iowa will deal with the field known as cardiology. Cardiovascular technicians assist cardiologists in helping conduct procedures which help examine the arteries for blockages, and help repair these blockages with the use of medical devices such as balloons or stents. To get started with determining how to become a cardiovascular technician in Iowa, you must attend a program that awards an associate's degree as well as a certification in this field. The best cardiovascular technician programs in Iowa will provide both training and certification. These programs may be offered through vocational schools, technical colleges, or accredited programs at Iowa community colleges.

Coursework covered in cardiovascular technician programs in Iowa include math and science, anatomy, physiology, biology, and biochemistry. Training programs also must include 800 hours of clinical training to give students the hands-on experience they need to work in a clinical setting upon graduation. Upon completing an associate's degree program, the next step for students who wish to become a cardiovascular technician in Iowa is to register for the Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist test. This will allow you to earn the certification necessary to work in a professional setting. This exam will allow you to earn a professional certification either as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer or a Registered Vascular Technologist.

One factor to consider before you start looking for the best cardiovascular technician programs in Iowa is whether you wish to specialize in invasive or non-invasive procedures. Those who specialize in invasive procedures will need to go through a more extensive training process, but this will lead to a higher salary as well. Generally, you must complete your two year associate's degree either way. Due to the nature of this type of program, hands-on training is required, so online degrees are not recommended. Cardiovascular technicians must be able to work with intricate equipment for procedures such as echocardiography.

Many schools in Iowa offer radiology programs, which can include a specialization in cardiovascular technology. The job rate in this field is expected to grow at anywhere from 14 to 18 % in Iowa over the next decade. Associate's degree programs are available from Kaplan University, Independence University, the Allied Health Institute, Grand Canyon University, and other schools in Iowa. It's best to keep your career goals in mind before you go about applying for the program of your choice, whether you prefer to specialize in more invasive procedures or less invasive radiology.

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