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A cardiovascular technician's job is to assist physicians by conducting a set of tests to diagnose the performance of the heart and blood vessels for potential diagnosis. The cardiovascular technician may prep the patient for tests by reviewing the patient's blood pressure, heart rate, and taking down any information that may be important for the physician to know. A cardiovascular tech might choose to work in any number of places once you receive training, including physician's offices, medical care centers, clings, and more. This rewarding profession is expected to continue to grow through the next several years, with a projected growth as high as 29%.

There are a variety of factors which figure in to how much you can expected to make as a cardiovascular technician including education, credentials, experience, location, and specialty. The average salary of the almost 50,000 employed cardiovascular technicians as of late spring, 2011, was just above $50,000; however, in Connecticut, the mean salary was almost $64,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Armed with this positive information, you may be wondering how to become a cardiovascular technician in Connecticut, with the knowledge that the more education you receive, the better position and salary you can expect to have.

Cardiovascular technician training programs in Connecticut vary and it is up to you to make the decisions on in depth you wish to train. You will need to decide if you prefer to go the invasive or non-invasive route of education. Those seeking invasive training will spend a longer period of time in school, but this is generally rewarded with a higher salary upon entrance into the work field. When learning more about how to become a cardiovascular technician in Connecticut, you will find that you need the hands on education that cannot be found through online programs.

To be considered educated enough for a position in the cardiovascular technician field, you will need to have completed bachelor or associate degree level status with the proper accreditation for the position in which you are applying. Throughout the country, exceptional cardiovascular training programs can be found. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, St. Vincent's College offers a top-notch associates degree program. This college offers part-time as well as full time courses and financial aid to all students who qualify. Tuition at St. Vincent's currently stands at approximately $12,500. With hard work and determination, you will be rewarded with a career that offers lifelong fulfillment and advancement opportunities.

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