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History of Nurses in the Military

The medical profession is one of the most important career paths that people can take. Medical professionals such as Doctors, Nurses and Technicians all play an important role in care and treatment of patients. Since nursing first came into the public view, one of the most important roles that nurses had were aiding wounded soldiers during the time of war. During times of war, well-known nurses such as Clara Barton, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale among others, have stepped forward to care for the sick and wounded during wartime.

History of Nurses – The origins of nursing dates back several centuries. The first nurses were actually nuns and in the military, various personnel provided nursing services to the sick. Over time nursing became more professional, with formalized programs providing instruction becoming more common.

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Nurses in the Civil War – During the Civil War, the amount of wounded soldiers was a staggering amount. Without formal training, civilians took the cause and tended to the wounded soldiers. Famous civilians such as Mary Todd Lincoln and Walt Whitman were among the people who volunteered to help tend to the wounded.

Nurses in World War II – During the Second World War, professional nurses began to assist soldiers near the front lines. Medical hospitals run by the Red Cross started to use nurses during times of war. In addition, females were starting to be allowed to join the military in a medical capacity.

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Military Nurses Around the World – Nurses in the military have been used to treat soldiers around the world for centuries. From the Crimean War to the War on Terrorism, nurses have played a huge role in the military.

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Nursing in the Military – Beginning in World War II, nurses became a more vital part of the military. Prior to World War II, nurses assisting military actions were civilians. However, during the War, females were allowed to join the military and become combat nurses.

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Famous Nurses in the Military – Some of the most famous nurses of all time have roots in the military. Nurses such as Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Mary Seacole and Dorothea Dix helped pave the way for the new generation of women in the military.

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