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Computer Aided Surgery Resources

Computer-assisted surgery uses computer technology for guiding and completing surgical intervention. The method has been used since 1989. Computer-assisted surgery provides clearer visualization and pinpoint targeting of the surgical area. The procedure consists of image-guided surgery, three-dimensional computer surgery, robotic surgery, and any surgery using a computer-based method. Computer based procedures allow the surgeon to practice before hand.

  • Robotic Surgery: An incredible exploration of robotic surgery and computer assisted surgery technology.
  • International Society for Computer Aided Surgery: A non-profit organization that looks to promote technical progress for computer aided surgery.
  • Image-Guided Surgery: Provides insight into the development and advantages of imaged-guided surgery.
  • Benefits of Computer-Assisted Surgery: The Stryker Corporation describes the benefits of the surgery and how it’s conducted.
  • Joint Replacement: Dr. Sanjeev Jain explains why he uses computer-assisted surgery for joint replacement, the advantages of using the surgery and how the surgery works.
  • A Cadaver Study: A case study to ascertain the precision of using computer-assisted surgery for neurotologic surgeries.
  • The Environment: Wayne State University explores the environment for computer-assisted surgery.
  • A Laser Reality System: A focus feedback paper on the reality equipment used conjunctive with computer-assisted surgery.
  • Ortho Pilot: The makers of the Ortho Pilot give reasons why this computer-assisted system is beneficial for knee and hip surgeries.
  • Instruction and Evaluation: Investigation of training and education needed to utilize computer-assisted surgery systems.
  • Proton Beam Radio Surgery: A time line history of the computer based surgery Proton Beam Radio.
  • The da Vinci Surgical System: The Robotic Surgery Institute provides explicit information on robotic surgery and gives a platform for the notable da Vinci system.
  • Robodoc: A look into the development of this image directed surgery system.
  • A Helping Hand: The FDA explores the benefits of computer-assisted surgery to surgeons.
  • CADI: The Career and Academic Development Institute describes the tools they created to generate minimum invasive surgery.
  • Project on Image Guided Surgery: MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital work together to work on advancing tools in image-guided surgery.