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How to Become a Sonographer in Virginia and Sonography Programs in Virginia

What is sonography and its uses in modern medicine? Sonography is a medical specialty that involves using sound waves and their echo returns to form pictures of internal structures without breaking the skin. The most common use of this technology that people recognize is ultrasounds of infants in the womb. But, it has many other uses in modern medicine as well. The sound waves can get accurate pictures of structures like vessels, joints, tendons, and muscles without the need to do exploratory surgery. It can image soft tissues to a pretty high resolution. If this sounds interesting, then the world of sonography may be something to explore as a career field. But, you should know more about how to become a sonographer in Virginia.

What are the regulations in the state of Virginia for sonographers? Like most states, Virginia does not require certification or licensure for sonographers. But, applicants will find employers are not so easy. They expect a qualified sonographer to hold certification and to maintain that certification during their career. The smart thing any sonography student will do is find an accredited program and sit for certification upon completion. That will open up many more options in careers. There is a growing trend among some states to require licensure for sonography profession. You need to know more about how to become a sonographer in Virginia.

Where can you get training for sonography in Virginia? There are four schools within the state of Virginia which offer accredited sonography training. One example of this training comes from the Tidewater Community College. Students in this program earn an Associate in Applied Science. They take classes in subjects like human anatomy, medical terminology, sectional anatomy, ultrasound physics, abdominal sonography, obstetrical sonography, and clinical education. The large part of this degree involves the student attending clinical hours. The practical part of this job is very important. Upon graduation, the student will need this for their exam.

What does the future hold for sonographers? Sonography continues to grow in popularity and need in the modern world. Many graduates find work in doctors' offices, hospitals, birth clinics, public health facilities, and in outpatient facilities. Some sonographers decide to specialize in areas such as echocardiography, vascular imaging, and obstetrical sonography. In order to keep ahead of technology changes, professionals in this discipline must keep their training and education up to date. Plus, science is learning new ways to use sonography for diagnosis and treatment.

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