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How to Become a Sonography in Vermont - Sonography Programs in Vermont

The most common thought when a person hears the word "sonogram" is about babies. It is only natural as that is predominantly the only time we hear the word mentioned. However, sonography is much more than just looking at images of babies in wombs. Sonography is the usage of sound waves transmitted through a wand placed on the area that has been prepped with a special gel in order to see images of what is going on inside. It truly is a remarkable feat of technology. You can have a sonogram of any part of your body, not just the uterus and ovaries and each area is its own specialization. There are OB/GYN sonographers, musculoskeletal sonographers, breast sonographers, abdominal sonographers, and neurosonographers.

So that you can begin working as any type of sonographer in Vermont, you need to earn your associate's degree in sonography from a community college or technical school. Of course, there are some bachelor's degree programs in sonography, but they are few and far in between because most employers just require an associate's degree. When you graduate, it is time for the state of Vermont certification test. Now, each area of sonography specialization has its own certification test so, if you need to let them know which area you want to be tested in. A lot of people get tested in two more areas so that it broadens their job prospects.

When it comes to the salary of a sonographer in Vermont, most earn somewhere around $30 an hour. The salary of a particular sonographer will vary depending on city where they work, who they work for, and how many specializations they have. Remember, the more certifications you get, the better off you will be when you need to look for a sonography job. Most employers like to hire sonographers that can product sonograms on multiple areas of the body instead of just one.

Sonography is another one of those career fields that will never go away. As long as people are getting sick or getting pregnant, a sonographer will always be needed. By 2020, there should be 24,000 more sonography jobs added to the field. That number will only increase as more people graduate from great sonographer programs and get their licensure so they can start working. Hopefully the job outlook will continue to be inching upwards so that great candidates will be attracted to this career and continue to study it and become certified in different areas.

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