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How to Become a Sonographer in North Dakota- Sonography Programs in North Dakota

A sonographer, or ultrasound technician, is responsible for using high-tech equipment that creates images to help with diagnosis and treatment of many different medical conditions. While most people think of sonography with fetal ultrasounds and pregnancy, this testing is also used for heart health, stroke detection, cancer detection, and more. A sonographer can choose to specialize in one field or another, such as OB/GYN, cardiovascular sonography, neurosonology, and other areas where their skills can be put to work. To begin with, you need to find sonography programs in North Dakota.

Sonography programs in North Dakota will offer you the training that you need. There are two year programs and four year degrees available to people who are studying sonography, as well as transitional programs that take about a year to complete for people who are coming from another field of healthcare or diagnostic imaging. Coursework that is covered includes everything from anatomy and physiology to medical ethics, instrumentation, and technology. There are schools all over North Dakota and even online programs that can help you get the coursework out of the way before you have to get involved with the hands-on training part of your education.

Once you finish sonography programs in North Dakota, you will need to take it upon yourself to obtain certification and licensure. It doesn't matter whether you do training online or through a local trade school because you need to get an accredited training program that will allow you to get certified once you have completed the program. Check with organizations like the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography or the Society of Medical Sonographers to make sure that your program is accredited and you can get the certification that you need once you have completed your education.

The average annual salary for sonography is around $62,000. Of course, those who have more training or an in-demand specialization will earn more for their skills than someone who has less training or education. Additionally, where you choose to work will influence how much you make. There is a significant variation in the salary of a hospital sonographer and one that works with a private outpatient clinic, for example. There are many environments that you can work in and the outlook for this career is very good over the course of the next decade, giving you plenty of career opportunities once you complete your education.

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