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How to Become a Sonographer in New Jersey and Sonography Programs in New Jersey

Ultrasound pictures of unborn babies have become very common place today. The field of medicine that covers this form of technology is sonography. Besides imaging fetuses in the womb, there are plenty of uses for this technology in the world of modern medicine. The technology uses sound waves to create images of subcutaneous structures. Common reasons for ordering sonograms include getting pictures of tendons, muscles, joints, vessels, and other internal structures. The use of sonograms can make finding injuries, masses, and other abnormalities easy without the need for cutting a patient open. Doctors prescribe it for diagnostic as well as therapeutic reasons. It is perfect for imaging soft structures which X-rays cannot. What else do you need to know on how to become a sonographer in New Jersey?

At this time, the state of New Jersey does not require licensing for sonographers. But, legislation has been recently introduced that may make this a requirement for everyone working with sonography. Even without formal licensing, most employers in New Jersey will not hire a sonographer who does not have formal training and a current certification. That is often for legal and liability reasons. The best idea is to complete a certified course of study and sit for the certification exam given through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Approximately, thirteen schools in the state have an accredited program in sonography.

To get an idea of what sonographer students undertake, look at the curriculum offered at the Gloucester County College. This program, once completed, will give the student an associate degree in applied science with a specialization in diagnostic medical sonography. This program runs for 22 months with four semesters and three summer sessions. Mixed in with sonography classes are the general education courses required for an AAS degree. Students take courses related to sonography with titles like medical imaging, anatomy, physiology, ultrasound physics, patient care, cross section anatomy, abdominal sonography, and OB/GYN sonography. Students have to have a certain amount of clinical hours to qualify for graduation.

Once students graduate, the next step is to sit for the national exam for certification. Many students find they pass this test with no issues with proper training. With certification in hand, many find jobs in physicians' offices, birthing centers, hospitals, and outpatient clinics. With advancing technology, this is a field that often requires continuing education for the best career opportunities. For those with the passion to help people, this is a fascinating line of work.

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