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How to Become a Sonographer in Mississippi - Sonography Programs in Mississippi

A sonographer is responsible for taking images of patients’ internal organs using a device called an ultrasound device that uses sound waves to project an image. Many times this procedure is recorded or videotaped. A print out of the video can also be used to show still versions of the organs. This procedure is used a great deal in pregnancies to make sure the growing fetus is healthy. The device is also used to tell the sex of the unborn baby. This is a widely used diagnostic tool that many doctors use very often for diagnostic purposes.

To become a sonographer in Mississippi a person must complete at least a certification program or degree program in order to take the credentialing exam. There are three main of registered and certified sonographers. One exam can certify two different types. This exam covers the sonography principles and instruments. In order to receive certification and become either a registered diagnostic medical sonographer or a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer, this test must be passed. A Musculoskeletal sonography exam can be completed to become registered in musculoskeletal sonography. These designations can be earned once the student passes the exam. They are able to work in the state in this profession.

There are several sonography programs in Mississippi that offer certificates and either an associate degree or bachelor degree. Hinds Community College in Jackson has a program for diagnostic medical sonography. This is a specialty radiologic technology that one can choose to take to further their career. In order to apply to this type of a program, one must have their high school diploma or equivalent, have completed a two year approved radiologic technician program and pass their American Registry of Radiologic Technologists exam. . In addition to the exam and education requirements, there is also a criminal background check that shows no felony on the applicant’s record.

The work environment of a sonographer is typically in a hospital or a medical facility that has diagnostic lab equipment. Sometimes these technicians work in a diagnostic lab clinic. Safety is an important issue when handling any radiologic equipment, and there is a great deal of training that has to do with safety of equipment, patients as well as the technicians. The physical capabilities must show that the student can lift machines as well as handling long periods of time standing wand walking, because this is what a typical day will be like as a sonographer.

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