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How to Become a Sonography in Minnesota and Sonography Programs in Minnesota

Sonography is one of the most highly visible areas of medical imaging in the United States. In fact, the U.S. employs more sonographers than any other country in the world. What is sonography? It is a flexible, efficient form of medical imaging, also known as diagnostic ultrasound. As a medical technology, ultrasound is unique in a large number of ways. For one, it is a technology that has no known risks of any kind to the patient. This separates it from many diagnostic technologies that use radiation, and means that an ultrasound technology does not have to take the same kind of precautions or worry about side effects.

Another feature that separates sonography from its near neighbors is the ability to detect muscles, tendons and organs with a high degree of accuracy. X-rays and other radiation-based methods have difficulty picking up the details of these softer tissues, and are more typically used to diagnose issues in bone and teeth. This is why, no matter how prevalent x-ray technology becomes, it is still a good idea to wonder how to become a sonography in Minnesota. Sonography programs in Minnesota are a good way to become skilled in an indispensable medical tool -- one that is very likely to lead to long term job security.

Although there are many sonography programs in Minnesota and some are longer than others, it is a good idea to consider the Mayo Clinic's program as a standard. The Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester Minnesota, is one of the most progressive and prestigious medical treatment centers in the world, with a strong emphasis on areas like addiction treatment and cancer. Not surprisingly, it is usually thought of as a good, if challenging option, and runs to twenty one months of training for an aspiring sonographer.

Whether you choose a one year program or a two year program, it is a good idea to acquire as much training as possible. Sonography professionals very often become acquainted with other forms of diagnostic technology in order to become more versatile. When your education is complete, you can look forward to becoming part of a profession that is growing at about 44% nationwide, far faster than many other medical professions. You will be eligible to attain a median salary of $64,000, comparable to what some other professionals get after graduate study. Starting salaries are lower, of course, but $40,000 and up is not uncommon.

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