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How to Become a Sonographer in Indiana Sonography Programs in Indiana

Sonography is different from radiology in that the sonographer is the one that is very similar to radiographer, but uses sound instead of radioactive waves to create images for diagnostic purposes. As with all other medical fields, there are specialty areas, such as vascular, cardiac, obstetrical or generalized sonography. This is a fast growing field, and one that is expected to grow by 44% by 2020. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary for a sonographer is $64,380. Although this website also states that only an Associate's degree is required, many employers and even states require much more in the way of education, including certification.

This can be a rather trying field of medicine, as there are sometimes injuries related to the requirements of handling the patients and the equipment. The sonographer works with the patient, and the radiologist will develop the images. The sonographer will be required to know how to manipulate the transducer inside or outside of the body to create a clear image of the tissue and the inner workings of the patient. Most people are more familiar with the term "ultrasound" than "sonogram", but both are accurate. The primary field for using sonograms is in obstetrics.

Sonography technology allows a good picture of the baby in utero, without any invasive techniques that may injure the baby or the mother. The sonogram can be used to determine the baby's sex or any potential health problems. However, it can also be used to diagnose various ailments, such as kidney stones or gall bladder problems. It gives a fast look at the body and is used for health problems that can be diagnosed visually. In addition to general medical, a sonogram is also used in ophthalmology, neurology, neonatal care, gynecology, urology and cardiology.

Those wondering how to become a Sonographer in Indiana must first contact the local colleges to assess if they have a program in this field. If not, the options may include relocation or simply taking prerequisite classes. Sonography programs in Indiana may be found by contacting the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists. This organization suggests Indiana University as a good starting point. These programs may require an Associate's degree, or a certain number of credit hours in the science fields. The time frame for degree attainment will vary widely based upon the specific area of specialty and the school being attended.

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