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RN programs in Orlando, Florida

RN programs in Orlando, Florida are a great opportunity for individuals who wish to pursue a career in healthcare. Registered nurses are in high demand, and there are many education programs in Orlando to prepare students to fill these positions.

ADN vs. BSN Programs

An individual can become an RN after completing an associate's or bachelor's degree in nursing. An associate's degree can be completed in two years of full-time study, while a bachelor's degree usually takes four years of full-time study to complete.

There are benefits to both of these degree options. Earning an ADN allows one to begin a nursing career in about half the time of a bachelor's degree. The cost to earn an associate's degree is often less than a four-year program. A BSN, though it may take longer, provides a more rounded education. Graduates of these programs may be more qualified for promotions and may earn higher salaries in the long run.

Online vs. Traditional Programs

RN programs in Orlando are offered both online and on campuses around the area. Online programs are great for busy students who are trying to work full-time or who have a family, as they can complete lectures and coursework from home using a computer. Classroom-based programs offer more of an immersion experience and give students the opportunity to network with each other and with instructors.

Regardless of the program chosen, this is just the first step in becoming an RN. Graduates of RN programs must then pass the NCLEX exam in order to be eligible for licensure.

Registered Nurse Degree Info

Which schools offer Orlando RN Programs?

RN Programs (both campus-based & online RN Programs) are medical training programs offered by universities, vocational or technical schools, and community or junior colleges. Some hospitals even offer registered nursing training as an RN diploma.

How do I become an licensed RN?

Each state sets its own RN requirements. In order to earn your RN license, you must pass the NCLEX® examination. The NCLEX® is a comprehensive nursing exam that can only be taken by graduates of a nursing program approved by your state's board of nursing.

Do I need to complete an LPN program before I go to college to get an RN Degree?

No you don't need to complete LPN training before you can get your RN license. An accredited RN Associate Degree program takes 2 years. You can earn your RN Diploma in 3 years. (BSN - 4 years, RN to BSN can be 2-3 years)

Free Nursing School in Orlando?

The education necessary to become an RN is valuable, and registered nurses make really good money in Florida. However, students can lower the cost of RN school with financial aid. There are numerous grants and nursing school scholarships in Florida. They might not make your RN degree free but it can at least be more affordable.

Contact one of the accredited nursing schools listed here to get information about the financial aid you qualify for. Find out more about online nursing schools in Florida.

RN Job Description

Registered nurses (RNs), regardless of specialty or work setting, treat patients, educate patients and the public about various medical conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients' family members. RNs record patients' medical histories and symptoms, help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, operate medical machinery, administer treatment and medications, and help with patient follow-up and rehabilitation.

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University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32816
Valencia Community College
1800 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL 32811
Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
671 Winyah Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

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