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What roles do medical assistants play in medicine today? If you walk into a doctor's office, you are likely going to deal with a medical assistant at some point in your visit. In fact, the first person you speak with at the receptionist desk is likely a medical assistant. These professionals often find employment in doctors' offices either on the clinical or administrative sides. Many though work both sides in smaller offices. These medical professionals are what keep hospitals and physicians' offices running without hiccups. If this sounds like something which you would want to pursue, you need more information on how to become a medical assistant in Virginia.

What are the similarities and differences between administrative and clinical medical assistants? Most medical assistant courses train students on both the administrative and clinical sides. Working the real world has some differences though. The administrative medical assistant is the one who handles the patient relations and paperwork. They are the ones to handle appointments, patient check-in, handling payments, etc. On the clinical side, medical assistants keep the clinical side of the practice running. They setup and clean exam rooms, take vital signs, sterilize medical instruments, dispose of medical waste, and often assist with basic medical procedures. This is the beginning of what you need to know about being a medical assistant in Virginia.

How do you become a medical assistant in Virginia? Over a dozen schools offer medical assistant programs in Virginia. A good example of this type of program is the one at Westwood College. This school offers training in both front office and back office operations of a typical medical facility. The program also offers practical experience for students who work in medical offices to gain practical experience while completing their diploma or certificate. They take classes in medical terminology, administrative procedures, patient care, phlebotomy, and patient relations. This program is much like the others offered in the state of Virginia

What can a medical assistant expect after graduation? The need for medical assistants continues to grow as the administrative side of medicine continues to become more complicated. Students, right after graduation, should take the certification exam from the American Association of Medical Assistants. This certification is what employers want to see from new graduates and experienced medical assistants alike. They will find opportunities in doctor's offices, hospitals, laboratories, outpatient facilities, family planning centers, and in medical care programs. This field continues to grow and will so into the future.

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