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Medical assistants perform both clinical and administrative duties. The wide range of tasks that are involved with this job are good for individuals who like to keep things interesting and always work on something new. Clinical tasks include preparing patients for examinations, assisting the doctor with examinations, and preparing and sterilizing tools and equipment. Administrative tasks include scheduling patient appointments and keeping patient records. All medical assistants need to know basic first aid. Some are trained to administer injections as well. If you want to learn more about how to become a medical assistant in South Dakota and medical assistant programs in South Dakota, keep reading.

There are a few different options for training as a medical assistant. Most students opt for an associate degree in medical assisting. This type of program takes about two years to complete. Some schools, such as Lake Area Technical Institute, also offer a shorter diploma program that takes about a year to complete. All medical assisting programs culminate in an externship where the student is able to demonstrate his or her skills in a hands-on environment. If you're not interested in the clinical side of this career, you can also opt for a program as a medical administrative assistant. Administrative assistants do not have clinical duties.

South Dakota schools that offer medical assistant programs include: * Colorado Technical University, Sioux Falls * Killian Community College, Sioux Falls * National American University, Sioux Falls * Globe University, Sioux Falls * Presentation College, Aberdeen * Western Dakota Technical Institute, Rapid City * Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown These schools will all offer an excellent foundation for medical assistants in this state. Typical courses include medical terminology, clinical skills, medical laboratory procedures, insurance coding and billing, medical transcription, first aid and safety, and pharmacology. Externships can take place at a number of places including local physicians' offices or nearby hospitals.

If you enjoy the healthcare field and like doing an assortment of tasks both with patients and with paperwork, this is the perfect career for you. Medical assistants can also go on to become registered nurses or diagnostic technicians and technologists with additional training. An associate of applied science degree in this field can help to begin your path toward a variety of different career choices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage for medical assistants is $26,060, or about $12.52 an hour. Those with earnings in the top ten percent make more than $32,390 while those in the bottom ten percent earn under $20,520.

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