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Medical assistants work in hospitals and medical offices of all kinds. Their jobs are mostly administrative and clerical, and training is typically done on the job. There are very few, if any, requirements for becoming a medical assistant in Ohio, but more education is always better when you can get it. Typically, employers only require a high school diploma because they can do all the training in the practice. Medical assistants earn an average salary of $28,000 annually, and are expected to see career growth of about 31% through the next decade.

This growth is higher than average and it can be a good decision for you to learn how to become a medical assistant in Ohio so that you can capitalize on this growing career. Some medical assistants choose to pursue a formal education. There are community colleges, vocational programs, and technical schools that take 1-2 years to complete. Students can choose certificate programs or 2-year associate's degree programs, depending on their career goals and their educational preferences. Some students may also need to pass exams or get certified for certain parts of their job, such as injections, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures or tests.

Medical assistants don't have to be certified according to state law, either. A lot of employers do prefer hiring certified assistants, of course, so it's important to learn about certification and what types you should get. There are four different certificates that you can obtain from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, including CMA (Certified Medical Assistant), RMA (Registered Medical Assistant), CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant), and NCMA (National Certified Medical Assistant). Before getting certified as a CMA, students must complete a formal training program and pass an exam. The other certifications don't have formal education requirements.

Medical assisting is a very in-demand career in Ohio. If you are over the age of 18 and have a high school diploma, this could be a good way to put your skills to work in the healthcare industry. Training is easy and there are many paths that you can take depending on the career that you want. Remember that more training is always better to advance your career and salary, but that you can find rewarding work in many places and with various levels of formal training. It should be easy for you to find the resources that you need with medical assistant programs in Ohio.

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