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If you're interested in a healthcare career that doesn't require a lengthy course of education, medical assisting may be for you. This profession includes a variety of tasks both clinical and administrative. Medical assistants may take the patient's vitals, prepare them for various procedures, and administer certain treatments, such as injections. The assistant may also be present to assist the physician with examinations. In an administrative capacity, medical assistants can make appointments or manage patient records. Learning about how to become a medical assistant in Nebraska and medical assistant programs in Nebraska will help you decide if this job is right for you.

There are no official requirements for a career as a medical assistant in Nebraska. While some employers may offer some on the job training, a background in a healthcare field or some type of education in this area is preferred. There are several medical assistant programs that students can pursue in Nebraska. Southeast Community College, Nebraska Methodist College, and Vatterott Educational Centers all offer certificate programs in medical assisting. These typically take about a year to complete. Nebraska Methodist College follows their 12-month medical assisting program with a 10-week externship. Graduates of the Southeast Community College certificate program can pursue further study at Central Community College for an AAS in Medical Assisting.

Central Community College offers many different choices for medical assistants. This school offers a Medical Interpreting Certificate, Medical Interpreting Diploma, and Medical Assisting Associate of Applied Science Degree. Graduates of all these programs are eligible to complete the National Certification Examination for Medical Assistants from the National Center for Competency Testing. Additional certifications that are available include Certified Medical Assistant from the American Association of Medical Assistants, Registered Medical Assistant from the American Medical Technologists, and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant from the National Healthcareer Association. Though these are not required to practice, they will greatly increase employability for medical assistants in this competitive field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job growth in the field of medical assisting will be 31 percent over the 2010 to 2020 decade. In Nebraska, the annual mean salary for medical assistants was $28,550 as of May, 2011. Those with earnings in the bottom ten percent earned less than $20,710 while those in the top ten percent made more than $37,170. With educational programs that are between one and two years long, this is a great career for students who want to complete their job training quickly. If you're interested in becoming a medical assistant in Nebraska, there are lots of opportunities in this field.

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