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How to Become a Medical Assistant in Minnesota and Medical Assistant Programs in Minnesota

If you are interested in a career in healthcare but not sure you want to be directly involved in patient care, a career as a medical assistant may be a good way to find out if the field is right. Medical assistants have relatively minimal patient contact, but are still able to provide valuable assistance to the members of a medical team. The size of the Minnesota practice you choose to work for will make a big difference in terms of what duties you have or medical assistant programs in Minnesota you're expected to attend. If you want to know how to become a medical assistant in Minnesota, read on.

In large hospitals and clinics that focus on specific treatments, such as surgical centers, medical assistants in Minnesota tend to have the least patient contact. They will help patients schedule appointments, field basic questions and disseminate information, and manage the physicians' time for them. They will also help when patients need to fill out basic information and waivers. Medical assistants in Minnesota are expected to understand privacy and confidentiality laws and may be the most important member on their team in terms of handling federal HIPAA requirements, which require patient information to be held securely. Compliance to these regulations is crucial!

In smaller practices, the medical assistant's role often takes on a different significance. If you want more direct patient contact, it is a good idea to seek jobs outside the major metro area of Minneapolis-St. Paul and look for opportunities in more intimate communities. Under these circumstances, a medical assistant may be expected to provide some basic care and handle medical functions such as taking blood pressure. He or she may also question patients regarding their symptoms, take notes and handle other aspects of preparing the patient to see a physician. Standards vary widely throughout Minnesota, so be sure you understand your expectations.

Medical assistants do not always begin their careers with a great deal of base pay, but they often work in environments where health insurance and other perks are provided. Plus, medical assistants are positioned well to seek academic training and enter into the medical profession, or focus on the "business side" of things and gain broader perspective on healthcare administration. The highest paid medical assistants in any institution are those who choose to learn about medical billing, insurance standards and other issues that impact healthcare financing. Other medical assistants receive about $30,000 median pay, with the career expected to grow 31% through 2020.

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