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Medical assistants in Massachusetts continue to grow in demand. There is an increasingly aging population that requires care. Additional medical professionals will be needed in coming years due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Becoming a medical assistant is an excellent choice for natural team players who enjoy working in a busy environment. Students learn a mixture of office skills, combined with assisting with certain treatments. This training equips students to cope with the demands of busy general practices and smaller specialist practices.

Many practices will hire medical assistants without a college education. However, a degree from at least a community college or career school is generally preferred. Medical assistants in Massachusetts don't require a license. However, certification indicates to prospective employers that you have the required experience. A certificate can only be issued to non-college graduates after working in the field for 5 years. Those who go through training at a college receive certification after completing the program. One of the advantages of this type of training is the ability to advance. Many assistants eventually become office managers or hold a similar level of authority.

Medical assistant programs cover all the tasks that can be expected of the position. Anatomy and medical terminology are covered, both of which are required to help care for patients. Ethical issues, which include patient privacy and respecting care preferences, are an important part of the training. Billing and other office tasks are also covered, which constitute a large part of what medical assistants must do on a daily basis. After completing the courses, students take an exam to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material. Completing the program will make it much easier to find a job shortly after graduation.

Medical assistants may have differing salaries, depending on the area they work in and the size of the medical facility. The average annual salary is about $28,000. Hospitals generally offer the best salaries, as well as outpatient urgent care centers. The larger cities, such as Boston, have more job prospects. Wages in larger cities like Boston can sometimes amount to $40,000 a year. Assistants who have degrees or other types of certification are generally able to get better jobs than those without these qualifications. This is a good career to consider for those who want a good salary and the ability to advance. Advancement is possible, often without a short period of time.

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