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How to Become a Medical Assistant in Connecticut The Right Training is Essential

The job of medical assistant is experience an astounding growth rate. As the nation's number of elderly continues to increase along with the number of people experiencing long term chronic illnesses, physician's offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies are all experiencing a need for qualified personnel to take up the slack. And, with this job security there is a salary potential that is increasingly competitive, varying with levels of experience, ongoing education, and geographical location. Connecticut enjoys one of the higher averaging medical assistant salaries in the country at $34,290 annually as of May 2010, with those in Worcester earning the most at $36,620 per year on average.

The medical assistant becomes an integral part of any medical setting. The MA can perform office duties ranging from scheduling appointments with patients, keeping concise, up-to-date, medical records; perform billing and coding, as needed, for insurance forms, as well as other administrative type duties that may be needed. Medical Assistants are also qualified to take and record vital signs, draw blood for tests, give out medications, and give medication as instructed by the physician. And, while an MA isn't required to have a license or certification, most professional offices tend to favor those MA's who are certified over those who are not.

This brings us to training. As stated before, medical assistants aren't required to have a license or certification, however many do understand the advantage of having a formal training to back up their resume. When you elect to take part of a rigorous training program at a vocational school, or even at a local community college, with the ability to sit for certification afterwards, you can greatly bolster your chances of finding a stable job with growth potential. While training, potential MA graduates will study medical terminology, insurance processing including coding and billing procedures, record keeping, typing, as well as various in office procedures like blood draws.

There are many medical assistant programs in Connecticut to choose from. Branford Hall Career Institute offers three campus locations in Branford, Southington, and Windsor. BHCI is accredited by ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools), offers financial aid and presents qualified graduates with a certificate. Other programs include the American Institute's diploma of completion. In the cities of Southington, Hartford, New Haven, Manchester, Middletown, Waterbury, Winsted, Danielson, Norwich, and Storrs, you can attend a community college program and earn either a bachelors or associate degree. The more certifications and educational awards you receive, the greater your chances of the employment position you want.

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