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Everyone who has gone to the doctor has likely come into contact with a medical assistant. With nurses being short-staffed these days, it is the medical assistant who collects the patient's information, checks vital signs, assists the doctor with the patient's physical examination, and gives any injections the doctor prescribes. As you can see, the medical assistant plays a vital role in the overall healthcare of the patient. It is definitely a field that is growing each year. The medical assistant job growth is expected to grow 31% by the year 2020.

How do you become a medical assistant in Colorado? All you have to do is complete a training program. Most community colleges throughout Colorado have associate's degree programs in medical assisting. It is important to make sure the program you receive your training from is accredited, because if not, then it will hamper your chances of finding a job. And, if you think that employers do not check those things out, you are wrong. During your study to become a medical assistant, you will complete class work in various subjects like biology, anatomy and physiology, mathematics, and medical assisting courses. You will also have what is called a practicum component. This means that you will have to complete a certain number of hours as a medical assistant while being supervised.

For a lot of people, salary can be the deciding factor on the type of career they choose. While it should not be the most important factor, it is still good to pick a career that will, not only make you happy, but also pay all of your bills and allow you to have money left over to have fun and save. The medical assistant career is a good one for that. The average salary in the State of Colorado for a medical assistant is $32,000. Now, that does not mean you will start out making $32,000, but the potential is there if you are good at your job and work for the right people.

As you embark on your journey of becoming a medical assistant, remember that it is not about the money. You are helping the patient's healthcare by doing all of the various tasks that a medical assistant does. And, you never know being a medical assistant could prompt you to enter a nursing program or go to medical school. Then you would really be helping the overall healthcare of the patients since you would be the one directly responsible for their plans.

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