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Medical assistants help physicians and nurses do their jobs. The responsibility of a medical assistant can include clerical duties as well checking patients in for examination, taking vital signs and setting up lab work properly. A person can become a medical assistant in Arizona by enrolling in a program for medical assistant training. Arizona does not require medical assistants to be certified, although it is helpful in obtaining a job. Employers typically seek assistants who have either experience in this field or certification that begins with an accredited education program

There are two main choices that a person can choose in medical assistant training programs. One is to receive a medical assistant certificate. Certification programs are typically found in colleges or technical schools. To become a medical assistant in Arizona and earn a certificate, one can attend Everest College with two campuses in Mesa or Phoenix, or Anthem College in Phoenix. These programs typically take under a year to complete the educational coursework. A certification exam can be taken with the American Association of Medical Assistants. Once the exam is passed, a certification will be given. In order to keep the certification current, the medical assistant will need to take a recertification exam every five years.

Another route to becoming a medical assistant is to obtain an associate degree in medical assisting in Arizona. This program can be completed at many community colleges as well as vocational schools. Some of the colleges that offer this program include Central Arizona College in Apache Junction and Penn Foster College located in Scottsdale. This coursework takes approximately two years to complete, and also includes general education courses. Once the degree is earned, the person would take the same as exam as those with a medical assistant certificate would take.

Most medical assistants in Arizona are hired with certifications; however it is possible to obtain on the job training in lieu of a certification in some doctor’s offices. The medical assistant field in Arizona is growing, and the job outlook is good. With the rise in the aging population the health care industry as a whole will provide many jobs in the coming years. Many people begin as medical assistants and further their careers to become nurses or even paramedics. There are many medical facilities that hire medical assistant including hospitals, doctor’s offices and surgical centers. Most medical facilities require a person to fill this position, so the job is in high demand.

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